CISOaaS Subscriptions

Chief Information Security Officer-as-a-service (CISOaaS) provides the crucial service of information security leadership and governance by understanding key cyber security risks your business faces and how to mitigate them. CISOaaS has built a team of dedicated cyber security professionals whose years of expertise in developing security strategies will ensure the maturity of your business’s security will be elevated. CISO as a Service goals:
• Provide your organisation with a more cost-effective means of maintaining information security systems and managing risk;
• Offer an extension to your current information security capabilities;
• Deliver an ongoing security presence to reduce the likelihood of incidents before they happen, causing unnecessary business loss.


Design a strategic cyber security plan for your business and assist the implementation and monitoring of it.

Have a clearly defined roadmap for your information security goals and strategies.

Access to a team of experienced and specialised cyber security professionals.

Lowered cost by only paying for services required.

Scalable subscription model to best fit your business.

Eliminates difficulties of finding and retaining appropriate talent.

Constant re-evaluation, new threat assessment and recommendations are made to ensure your organisation always has the most advanced security in place.

Frequent reviews and updates on security infrastructure to ensure utmost protection.

Educate technical and non-technical staff members.