ACSC Partnership



Following the Australian Prime Minister's press conference on the 23rd of Feb, the ACSC released a statement urging organisations to adopt an enhanced cyber security posture. The statement directly followed Russia's invasion of Ukraine, as they identified the crucial need for organisations to improve their cyber resilience with the heightened threat environment.

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CISOaaS.Online is proudly an Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) partner, meaning we are trusted and backed by the Australian Government to help uplift Australia's cyber security posture. As a partner, we are able to support Australia's cyber defence, as well as share our understanding, experience, skills and capabilities with other security professionals. The goal of this is to assist in making the Australian cyberspace secure for all users. We monitor cyber threats 24 hours a day to ensure that the online community is protected and, in the case of an incident, can provide timely and clear advice to those affected.

As partners of the ACSC, CISOaaS.Online can assist your organisation with enhancing your cyber security posture so that it complies with the ACSC recommendations.