About Us

CISOaaS.Online acts as your virtual cyber security manager by offering the role of a Chief Information Security Office-as-a-Service (CISOaaS). This critical service evaluates and strengthens SMEs cyber security construct through the protection of their infrastructure, data, people and customers. 


We offer your organisation a cost-effective way of enhancing your cyber security posture. Our ongoing security presence ensures risks and incidence are reduced and mitigated before they cause avoidable business losses or reputation damage. 


The CISOaaS structure works as an extension to your organisation's current IT capabilities. This is done by understanding your organisation's most critical IT assets, identifying the security risks, designing a tailored security solution and providing ongoing implementation governance. 


We are proudly an Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Partner, which means we are trusted and backed by the Government to help uplift Australia's cyber security posture. As a partner, we are able to support Australia's cyber defence while sharing our understanding, experience, skills and capabilities with other security professionals. The goal of this is to build a safe and secure cyberspace for all of Australia.